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After the last two years of uncertainty, people are ready to get together in their backyards and celebrate. Unfortunately, some Dallas homeowners are just finding out that a colony of bees has made its home in their backyards. This situation can turn a relaxing day outside into an anxious and stressful nightmare. If you are a homeowner or property manager who knows how important bees are to the ecosystem, then your best option is a live honey bee removal. Our eco-friendly service relocates bees to local beekeepers and apiaries to ensure that they can continue their important work of pollinating and making honey.Using specialized tools, our beekeepers can preserve the colony, taking it to one of our many bee yards, a hobbyist beekeeper, and often commercial honey producers!

We gently remove the bees from their hive with a vacuum designed especially for them and carefully remove enough comb for them to survive on. One of the sweetest parts about our service is that, as the customer, you get to keep all that delicious honey!

Eco Friendly:


The general population is waking up to what we as beekeepers have known for years, that bees are essential to the environment, not an annoying pest. At Bee Safe we know the ecological importance of these magnificent creatures, and have dedicated our profession to their protection. Honey bees, along with native pollinators like Bumblebees and Carpenter Bees, provide pollination to the vast majority of plants on planet earth, including 1,200 crops we use to feed our species. From onions to almonds, over half of the foods you find in the grocery store are there only because of bees.



As the summer turns into fall, you may notice a big uptick in wasp activity. This is the time of year that wasps will be at their most active around humans, as they are desperately seeking food. If you’re having wasp problems, calling an expert in is the safest way to get rid of them. Wasp control can be very dangerous, in fact over 60 people a year die from bee and wasp stings, many of them from using dangerous DIY removal methods. Stick to the experts and let us help you enjoy your backyard again!


How do you get rid of beehives without killing them?

Honey bees are nature's pollinators and a crucial part of our environment, which is what makes their recent population decline so important. The most commonly known cause for this is the use of pesticides to drive them out of unsuitable places, like people's home or business. There are other ways, however, that you can rid yourself of your bee infestation without killing the hive. At Bee Safe Bee Removal, our professionally trained beekeepers will safely relocate the bees without harming them or posing any risk to your property.

Having a beehive on your property can not only pose a life threatening risk to you or your family, especially if there is someone who is allergic to their stings, but it can also pose a risk to the structure of your home or business. This is why it is very important to contact a professional beekeeper as soon as you see any bee activity on your property so they can be removed before they become a huge problem. If bees decide to build a hive inside the structure of your property, the melted wax and honey will attract other unwanted pests as well as destroy your building structure. At Bee Safe Bee Removal, our bee removal technicians will use state of the art thermal devices to detect where the beehive is located. From there, they will present you with various affordable options you can choose to remove the bees depending on your price point. The beekeeper will then use professional gear to safely remove your bee infestation without any harm to you or your property. After bee removal, any honey leftover is yours to keep! It's important to remember never to attempt a beehive removal on your own as one hive can house up to fifty thousand bees. Numerous bee stings can be dangerous so it's always the best choice to work with a professional pest control company or beekeeper to aid you in removing your bee infestation safely and efficiently. At Bee Safe Bee Removal, we use various safe and humane methods for the removal of beehives that are completely harmless to bees and to your property. Give us a call today at 833-233-7233, we offer same-day bee removal.

How much does bee removal and relocation cost?

Paying a professional bee removal service to remove bees from your home or business can save you so much more money than attempting the do it yourself approach. At Bee Safe Bee Removal, our professional beekeepers will not only protect you during the removal process but the bees as well, who are relocated to a safer place where they can continue to pollinate and contribute to our environment. Attempting to remove a beehive yourself will not only cost you money in collecting the proper safety and removal gear, but can also lead to unplanned hospital bills if you're allergic or stung too many times. Not only is the do it yourself process a risk to your health, it's also a risk to your property, especially if you don't know what you're doing. Contacting our bee experts at Bee Safe Bee Removal will not only save you more money than the do it yourself bee removal approach, it will also protect you, your loved ones, and your home or business. Key factors affecting the cost of a bee removal:

  1. Location of the beehive There are many factors that contribute to the cost range of removing a hive from your property, the first one being where the hive is located. Our expert beekeepers will use state of the art thermal imaging to locate the beehive on your property. The easier our pest control professionals can get to the bees, the more affordable the job will be. Likewise, if the bees are in a difficult location to reach, such as in a high tree, behind siding, or inside the walls of your property, then the price will understandably be higher. It is also important to note that local laws may consider bees in a home's structure to be a health and safety issue and should be removed quickly to avoid legal complications.
  2. Number of bees in the hive Another factor that determines the cost is the size of bee infestation and how many bees are housed inside the hive. Honey bees like to build their colonies inside or on structures, including your house or yard. Bumble bees prefer to build their hive in the ground and carpenter bees like to burrow into wood structures. The number of bees affects the price in that one hive could potentially house up to fifty thousand bees, which would take time to remove. Once the bees are located, our beekeeper will present you with different removal options. Removing bees may include cutting holes into the wall or ceiling of your structure as well as repairing it after the bees and hive are removed. If our bee removal team finds a dead hive inside the structure of your home or business, they will not only have to remove the hive, dead bees, and honey dripping, they might also have to remove any other pests that were attracted to the honey and the damaged structure around that.
  3. Swarm vs. Hive If the bees have not made their nest inside your property and are simply swarming outside, our beekeepers would smoke the bees inside an apiary box and relocated them to a safer place, which tends to be our more affordable option.

Our goal at Bee Safe Bee Removal is to provide our customers with the best possible bee removal service at the best possible rate. For the quality of work performed you will be getting the best value for your money when you hire us over our competitors. We offer a free inspection and same day service for any bee removal situation. Give us a call today at 833-233-7233, we look forward to serving you.

How do you find local professional bee removal services?

If you've noticed bees lingering around your home or business, they've likely made their hive somewhere close. If this is the case, do not attempt to remove them yourself, as this can pose a dangerous risk to you or your family. Our certified and experienced beekeepers at Bee Safe Bee Removal will safely and efficiently take care of your bee infestation with the appropriate safety gear and removal method. Even though they are small, bees can become quite aggressive and one hive can contain thousands of bees that will attack if they feel threatened.

For professional removal services, call Bee Safe Bee Removal today at 833-233-7233, we offer same day service and will get rid of your bee issue in no time! If left unattended, beehives can quickly grow in number and become a danger, not only to your family, but to your property as well. They can create a life-threatening situation to someone who is allergic to their venom or if they are stung multiple times. If a beehive is left inside the walls of your structure, the honey can seep into the walls and not only destroy your home or business, but attract other unwanted pests as well. If you require bee removal in Dallas, Bee Safe Bee Removal will get the job done quickly and affordably. Our years of experience and customer satisfaction and safety allow us to be one of the top-rated bee removal companies in the area. Not only do we take care of your bee infestation, we can also help with bee control, full hive removal, bee proofing, Africanized bee control, yellow jacket removal, wasp removal, and protection against bumblebees and other stinging insects. One hive can contain thousands of bees and removing them yourself can pose a life-threatening risk. Bee Safe Bee Removal will take care of your beehive safely and efficiently. Call Bee Safe Bee Removal today, before your bees become a real danger. Here is the list of questions you need to ask when finding a local professional beekeeper:

  1. How many years of experience do you have removing bees? This will help you weed out novice beekeepers. We suggest looking for companies with more than 10 years experience.
  2. Are you state licensed for pest control? This is important. Should the beekeeper find it necessary to apply pesticide to keep bees from returning, they are required by law to carry the appropriate license.
  3. Are you highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Google? The more positive reviews a bee removal company has, the better.
  4. What is your warranty? Reputable bee removal companies will offer a warranty. Be careful of companies that do not have a service warranty.
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