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Fort Worth Bee Removal


Summer in Fort Worth can be a wonderful time for lazing about in the backyard or the pool. However a bee or wasp infestation can turn your personal paradise into a nightmare. Luckily there are experts who can help you out in this situation: US! At, our highly trained technicians are ready to take care of your bees and wasps with fast, friendly, same-day service.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control


Our service relocates honey bees to local beekeepers, keeping them alive and pollinating. Now that the general public is beginning to realize the importance of these pollinators, more people are interested in having their bees removed live rather than exterminated.

Highly Trained Experts


With our highly specialized tools and techniques, we safely and gently remove the bees from their hive, then we take out the comb from the structure they built in to give them enough pollen and honey to survive on during transportation. The best part? Any of that delicious honey left over is yours to keep! Our beekeepers and technicians know bees inside and out, and can do it.

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