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Houston summers are known for being infamously hot and humid, but now after 2 years of lockdowns people are ready to be outside in the sun with friends and family. However there’s a common threat that can turn your fun in the sun into a nightmare: Bees and Wasps. As a Houston resident, you’re probably familiar with the sight of bees and wasps buzzing about. The humidity and high temperatures here are perfect for bees, and they multiply accordingly! If you have a bee and wasp problems, don’t just ignore it or risk your health with dangerous do-it-yourself methods: Call in the experts from!

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When it comes to bee and wasp infestations, urgency is of the highest importance. The longer you wait to take care of a bee or wasp infestation, the more it will cost you down the line. This is particularly true with bees. The longer you allow them to construct their hive in your shed, walls, or electrical meter box, the more expensive the removal process will be over time. If the hive eventually dies out after a few years, you’ll be left with pounds of honey and wax inside that can melt and attract rodents and other pests.

We have technicians in your area ready to provide high quality service, which in most cases can be performed the same day you call us.

Wasp Control Houston


Much like bees, wasps thrive in the hot and humid climate of Houston. During the later months of the summer going into fall, you may notice an uptick in wasp activity. Although they emerge from their nests in mid to late spring, as the fall begins to set in the wasp’s available food sources start to dwindle. As a result they get much more daring with human interactions as they scavenge for food. If you’re having problems with wasps, call today and ask about our Preventative Bee and Wasp Treatment. It includes the removal of all the wasp nests we find during our inspection, as well as a special treatment to discourage more wasps from building nests. .

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